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About Hontona 

About Hontona

Hontona, a specialized fund focused on digital companies, is your strategic ally in the digital realm. Our expertise lies in investing in and acquiring digital businesses, propelling them to new heights of success. With a seasoned team offering proficiency in marketing, media buying, investor relations, and more, we provide not only capital but also comprehensive support to foster growth. From refining marketing strategies to connecting you with potential investors, we're dedicated to driving your digital business forward.

Our Commitment

At Hontona, we're dedicated to nurturing high-margin, recurring revenue businesses with robust management teams. By injecting capital, expertise, and partnership, we empower companies to thrive in the digital landscape. Whether you're a startup or a publicly traded entity, Hontona brings experience and resources to the table, ready to unlock your digital potential. Embark on a journey to digital excellence and market leadership with Hontona.

Enduring Philosophy

At Hontona, we prioritize steadfast commitment to long-term vision over fleeting trends, guiding our well-informed decisions with enduring perspective.

Championing Persistence

Persistence defines Hontona's strategy. We mirror the tireless improvement pursued by our portfolio companies, constantly refining our offerings and strategies.

 Driven by Excellence

Performance is our guiding star at Hontona, extending beyond financial gains to foster sustainable growth for partners, teams, and customers.

Embracing Perpetuity

Hontona thrives on lasting opportunities and a perpetual outlook. Our investments are set for perpetual success, staying visionary and opportunistic.

Our Approach

Fostering Excellence: Nurturing a Cohesive Ecosystem of Values-Driven Enterprises

Our portfolio embodies our guiding principles, forming the foundation of Hontona's meticulously curated ecosystem where integrity and purpose flourish.

Guiding Principles that Define Us

Within Hontona Fund, our foundation is built upon a bedrock of core principles that center around innovation, integrity, and a future-oriented mindset. Our unyielding commitment to driving success propels us to prioritize the needs of the digital companies we invest in, nurturing creativity, embracing cutting-edge strategies, and upholding unwavering integrity in all our endeavors. By adhering to these values, we meticulously tailor our fund's strategies to yield exceptional results, cultivate enduring partnerships, and forge lasting value for the range of digital enterprises we invest in — spanning e-commerce startups, tech startups, and companies that provide digital services — all while navigating the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape.


Moving swiftly and adeptly through ideas, concepts, and executions with precision and speed


Upholding truthfulness and remaining steadfastly aligned with our organizational ethos."


Fueling our team of experts to unlock the full potential of the companies we invest in.


In our fund, trust is paramount. We empower the companies we invest in, placing unwavering confidence in their expertise and abilities. By fostering collaboration and leveraging each other's strengths, we drive innovation, excellence, and outstanding result


At our fund, curiosity is key. We constantly explore new insights, asking probing questions, and challenging assumptions. This culture fuels our innovation, keeping us ahead in industry trends, uncovering hidden opportunities, and driving groundbreaking solutions in advertising."

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